North Rocks Village to deliver much-needed open space for growing sporting groups

Outdoor recreation plays an important role in the lives of Sydneysiders. With an increasing shift to apartment living, parks and green spaces are becoming very valuable for our communities. The importance of access to open spaces for passive and active recreation uses is only increasing as Parramatta’s population continues to grow. According to the City […]

EG to provide a diverse housing mix to meet the current and future needs of North Rocks

The impact of inflation combined with rising interest rates is being felt across Greater Sydney, increasing concerns for the cost of living and access to affordable housing. Affordable housing is rental housing that is provided to households on very low to moderate incomes and charged at a rental rate that does not exceed 30% of […]

The Little BIG Foundation to build a happier, healthier and kinder community at North Rocks Village

They say that forming new friendships as you get older has never been easy. In fact, it is found that Australians are becoming lonelier, with 30 percent of Australians rarely or never feeling part of a group of friends[1]. However, one new organisation is on a mission to find new ways to bring people together […]

Agreement looks to foster neighbourhood friendships at proposed New North Rocks Village Residential Precinct

December 7 2021: Not-for-profit based Hills Community Aid (HCA) is looking to expand further into Sydney’s northwest, with the possibility of locating within a new residential garden village envisaged for the former Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children site at North Rocks. Plans for a new residential village by EG (a specialist investor with […]